What Do Ducks Eat?

Published: 28th January 2010
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So, what do ducks eat? If you are to care for ducks as pets, you should know what you should and should not feed them. If you place them in a healthy version of their natural habitat, they will most likely have a steady supply of their staple foods. If this is the case, you do not even need to keep on actively feeding them. The pond can feed your pet ducks. However, in cases when there is a shortage or if you are keeping your ducks in a backyard coop, you should be able to provide them with the foods that they need.

What do Ducks Eat in Terms of Vegetables?
Ducks eat a variety of plant food. They eat grass and aquatic plants. So, if they are living in a lushly green area, there is no problem in terms of their plant food. Ducks can eat the grass at the edges of ponds or even the grass in your backyard. They can also munch on the pond's aquatic plants.

What do Ducks Eat in Terms of Meat?
As ducks are not that big themselves, they eat small animals. Ducks eat small insects and mollusks. In a healthy habitat, they can easily find these creatures creeping on grass. So, they get a double meal, so to speak, if they look for their food in grassy areas. There are grass, insects and mollusks to choose from.

Eating Something Meatier
But what do ducks eat that are meaty enough? Ducks do eat worms and fish. The pond and its surrounding area as habitat can already provide a supply of fish and worms. However, make sure that the supply of both meat and plants does not dwindle or you will find your pets going elsewhere for food or starving. Do you know that ducks also eat small amphibians, such as toads? Well, they do. It may not be so easy to picture but ducks do eat frogs and toads. What do ducks eat that you still have no idea about?

Domesticated Feeding
Usually, however, when ducks are domesticated, they get fed bread most of the times. This is the sort of food that other people have come to associate with ducks. Ducks do eat bread and crackers. The problem with too much of these carbohydrate-enriched foods is that they can make ducks to get fat and unhealthy. Ducks could develop heart or liver diseases.

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